Friday, July 25, 2014

Dylan, unplanned photo shoot and bunch of fun stuffs.

SO I had such an interesting day. 
Last Thursday my friends and I went to this really project which was a music video cover of the song Love Never Felt So Good by Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake. They've done with recording the music, and now it's for the fun part: music video shooting! 
And as for me, I was lucky to be part of the project. No, I wasn't the singer or anything but I did help with hairdo, and one of other friend of mine Widya did help with the make up. She did such an awesome make up ;)
I turned 18 on July 16th, which was almost a week ago, and I got myself a Canon EOS 600D as a birthday present, and so say Hi to Dylan! :) (I did give my camera a name :P)
Meet Dylan the camera 
I knew I didn't have to bring Dylan with me, but it just seems like a good idea to bring a camera since we're going to a studio. Right? 

By the time we done with hair and make up, I brought Dylan out of the bag and start having fun! We did a cheeky, sudden photo shoot. It was absolutely unplanned, we were just lucky we got a chance to use this really cool make up room with lights and everything, so this is the perfect time to use Dylan for the first time ever. Make up table like that would absolutely you make feel like a superstar. So without further due here's some of the pictures.
Meet my friend Juliana

Here's Widya, getting Juliana's make up done.


And the day went by, everything went well and we took bunch of photos when the shooting done. Dylan's battery was drained so we couldn't use him. Can't wait to participate in another project! 


  1. Hey...very nice post and pix. Looking forward to read about your adventure with your new friend, Dylan...hehehe