Thursday, July 3, 2014

The First Ever

Hello, everyone!
I'm Priska, going to be 18 in less than... three weeks. No, not a writer, or a cook, or a beauty guru, or a famous person, or whatever. Just a student.. and this is my first post ever! So, welcome!
Starting this blog is something new for me. Also, it's challenging, and excites me. There's a lot of reason why I'm starting a blog, but mostly is because it's fun, and sharing is good!
Also, it's like a blank canvas, which I can use to paint a picture, well, a picture of my life! I love the feeling of being inspired and I also would like to inspire others too, so that people knows what I feel when I'm inspired!
I can't wait to start a journey with this blog, and I hope this goes well! 


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