Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A Little Reminder of Being Eighteen

So its been around two weeks since I turned 18. 
Honestly, I don't know if this is really a thing, but ever since I woke up as a 18 year old teenager I feel different. Not completely, of course. I'm still the same Priska, but the thing is that I feel this.. glow. Is this even a thing?

I did wake up feeling different, but I didn't really care about it, I thought it was just a weird feeling. But it didn't stop there, though. I was at my best friend's house when I notice about this. We were getting ready together to celebrate my birthday, and as I was literally ready to walk out the door, but then I accidentally see myself through the mirror and I remember I stopped for no particular reason... That was surreal, I feel like a woman. Even I wouldn't believe if someone told me this kind of story and I'd probably laugh at them saying how dramatic they are. I remember seeing myself in a mirror and thinking why do I feel different and grown up? Since that moment I do a lot of thinking.

Ever since that day, I started to feel some certain changes in me. I started to motivated myself more to do things that I know are good for me, I started to feel like I have this responsible of myself, and constantly thinking about what are things that I could do to make myself better. Like for example, this blog is one of the idea that I came up with, just because I know that maintaining a blog needs a lot of responsibility. Heck, it takes a lot of time for me to prepare every content for my blog and I didn't even know how to code! I did have a blog when I was 14 but that is just embarrassingly abandoned. But now, I do feel motivated as if there is a future me that lives inside me who knew that if I do what I have to do now I will be thanking myself one day. 

I think it's actually a bit frustrating to be a 18 years old. What we're thinking is mostly about "why he just read my text and didn't even reply it", or "i need to get those fabulous heels i saw earlier at the mall", or even things like "what is your passion?" and "what do you gonna do with your life once you're finish with school?" which take a lot of time to consider about, and some of us probably cry over the mixture of hopelessness, frustration and the feeling of not able to solve our own problem. 
Maybe, that's the thing. That is all what we all have to go through to be someone better. Sure, it's not easy to figure out, but as a 18 year old I feel like it's only the beginning of bigger things that are coming ahead in our life. 
That is why, I have this weird thing, and I call it a little reminder of being eighteen. I constantly like ask myself this:
"Pretend that you are the wisest person in the world - what would you do?"
Personally, I also like to remind specific things like
"Do the things that you know are good for you." "Workout to be healthy not to be skinny so you feel beautiful." or "Don't cry over boys, you're amazing and it's not your fault that he couldn't see it." "Embrace your natural skin and curls, it's beautiful of what you have." "Read so much. Save your money, go explore the world, God spend a lot of energy making it for you, why wouldn't you enjoy them" "respect yourself as a woman, you're 18 now"... I still have so much but that is all I could think of.

I honestly am not sure about all this, but one thing I know is that being 18 doesn't mean you can be the wildest you can. Being 18 is about growing up and being the best version possible of you. This is the time for you to start loving yourself, and if this is the right time for you, go out there, find love. I hope you learn how to love and you fall so bad it hurts, because it is the sign that you living life. Embrace the world you live in. Find out why you were born at the first place, what is your mission in life? 
Go, live life to the fullest because no one is responsible about this but you. Enjoy being 18!

p.s: I forced myself to go out at 6 am just to catch the sunrise, and I did! Dylan did such an amazing job on the first take :)
Dylan did such a good job <3


  1. wow, didn't know that jakarta has such nice sky!!!! 6? did you say 6?????

    1. Hahahaha yes! Unfortunately I didn't get a really good view last time :( and of course 6 :p

  2. Love your new blog! Keep writing! Keep motivating! I'll always check out this blog! And don't forget to include me in your next post! K?!

    1. Hi wenny! Thank you for your kind words and support wen hehe! Sure if you could make me really delicious mini donat i wouldn't mind 😘